Journal Deluxe Set and 10 Prints

The Journal of Contemporary Photography: Deluxe Volumes I-VI and the 10 prints initially offered with their respective volumes:

Volume I (#22)
Olivia Parker, platinum print, Broken Nautiluses, 5 x 7 inches on 14 x 18 paper. An unrealized edition of 85. Signed and numbered #14 on recto, 1998.

Leonard Baskin, portrait of Louis Daguerre, special edition wood-cut on Italian Vechi paper signed and numbered XX/L, 1998.

Steven Albahari, Set of 3 platinum prints from an unrealized edition of 85: Stillness, Dune Shadow, and Skylines. Approximately 6-8 inches x 10 inches on 14 x 18 paper, signed and numbered #53 on recto, 1998.

Volume II (#22)
Robert ParkeHarrision, platinum print, Restoration. 8 x 10 inches on 14x17 paper. Signed and numbered #50/50 on recto, 1999.

Volume III (#99)
John Dugdale, blue photogravure, Three White Peaches. 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches, signed and numbered #116/150 on recto, 2000.

Volume IV (#99)
Cy DeCosse, photogravure, Queen of the Night. Signed and numbered #141/150 on recto, 2000.

Volume V (#22)
Josephine Sacabo, platinum print, el Final. Signed and numbered #70/75 on the recto, 2001.

Michal Macku, platinum print, Gellage #7. Signed on the recto. Studio stamp with number #66/75, title, and date 7/2001, on verso.

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